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Carol Spooner Portraits: The Art and Business of Photography

Carol Spooner's photography business is not just about capturing beautiful images; it's about creating lasting connections with her clients. She describes her approach as very personal and intimate, emphasizing the importance of understanding her clients' needs and personalities to make them comfortable in front of the camera. 

"There's so many photographers out there that you have to embrace your true self in order to stand out." Carol explains. She believes that being genuine and forming a connection with her clients allows her to produce a product that truly attacks her clients

Carol expressed her intrigue in staying connected with her clients "One of my recent shoots is with a young woman that I photographed during her first pregnancy, the first shoot was amazing and to get her in front of my camera for her second pregnancy, along with her little girl was just magical. As photographers we have the opportunity to maintain these relationships through many stages of our clients lives or businesses. We just need to stay connected."

By gathering personal information during consultations and reaching out on significant dates, such as anniversaries, birthdays and so on Carol ensures that her clients feel valued. These efforts turn clients into loyal advocates who spread the word about her business, helping to create a network who promote her work enthusiastically.

Balancing Artistry and Business

While Carol's artistic talent is undeniable, she admits that balancing the creative and business aspects of her photography business has been a learning journey. With the help of her coach, she realized the importance of not only creating stunning images but also understanding the value of her work and effectively marketing it. This transformation involved stepping out of her comfort zone, learning to network, and confidently pricing her services. The education and support from the LiftOff Program, has been instrumental in helping her develop a structured approach to her business.

The Joy of Capturing the Perfect Image

For Carol, the most fulfilling part of her job is capturing that one perfect image during a photoshoot.

"There's always one image in every shoot that really makes the whole process worth it. This is the image that will have your client leaving the studio feeling beautiful and more confident in themself. I absolutely love this part;  when the women I work with walk away with a higher and brighter perspective of themselves" she reveals. 

She spends hours perfecting her images, ensuring it meets her high standards. "I could do a three-hour shoot and spend considerable time editing, but in the end, I love to showcase the one image that makes my heart sing," Carol says. This dedication to her craft highlights her passion for photography and her commitment to delivering the best possible work to her clients.

Factors Contributing to Success

Carol attributes her success to several key factors. First and foremost is the unwavering support of her family. "If my husband hadn’t encouraged me to spread my wings, I might have forgotten to encourage my heart to keep going," she reflects. His constant encouragement has been invaluable on this journey.

Additionally, the structured business education from LiftOff provided her with the tools and knowledge to scale her business and dream bigger. Her network of supportive individuals has played a significant role, continuously encouraging her and believing in her abilities.

Believing in her self and her talent has been a journey. "God's timing and your gift will make room for you" She says. All of this has came together to make a unique recipe for success.

Aspirations for the Future

Looking ahead, Carol envisions expanding her horizons beyond still photography. She is exploring public speaking, an area she finds increasingly appealing. she has discovered a newfound passion for speaking, which she never anticipated.

Carol sees this new interest as complementary to her photography, envisioning a future where she can blend these passions to create a unique and fulfilling career path. Her aspirations reflect a desire for growth and a willingness to explore new avenues while staying true to her artistic roots.


Carol Spooner's journey as a photographer is a testament to the power of passion, support, and continuous growth. Her ability to capture the perfect image, her dedication to improving her business acumen, and her openness to new opportunities all contribute to her success. As Carol looks to the future, her aspirations promise to take her and Carol Spooner Portraits to new heights, inspiring others along the way.



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