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LiftOff BootCamp

The LiftOff BootCamp is a six-week program designed to validate your business ideas, develop solutions, and build a successful venture with personalized coaching and mentorship. Completing this bootcamp makes you eligible to be considered for Cohort 10 of the LiftOff Program. Only selected participants will have the opportunity to move on to Cohort 10.

Applications close on Friday, June 21 at 11:59pm

BootCamp Overview

The LiftOff BootCamp is a six-week program that helps you to validate your business ideas, develop solutions, and build a successful venture with personalized coaching and mentorship. Participants will engage in:

Customer Discovery

Crafting unique value propositions

Market Research

Building Prototypes

Successful completion of the bootcamp can lead to selection for Cohort 10, where personalized coaching and further development await.

BootCamp Plan

1 - 4
Explore and validate your business idea through research and customer discovery.
Create and refine an early prototype of your solution.
Prepare and deliver a pitch to showcase your validated problem and solution.

Cohort 10 Transition

Upon completing the BootCamp, participants will compete in a pitch competition. The top 8-10 founders will be selected for Cohort 10 based on their pitch, attendance, and the completeness of their BootCamp roadmap.

Prizes for the top three pitches include:

  • $1,500 for 1st place

  • $1,000 for 2nd place

  • $500 for 3rd place

Those selected will receive personalized coaching and further development opportunities.


Recruitment Timeline.png

How to Apply

  • Submit an application by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 21, 2024, to join the LiftOff Black Entrepreneurship BootCamp. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply early to increase your chances of being selected! 

  • If shortlisted, you will be invited for a 30-minute interview. Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Businesses with one or more founders identifying as Black and residing or your business is registered  in Ontario. You will be asked to self-identify on the application to the program. Applicants must also be legally entitled to work or operate a business in Canada.


What is the purpose of the six-week boot camp and what can I expect to learn?

Whether you have a business idea or an existing business with plans to launch new products/services, grow, and expand, the boot camp focuses on problem validation and its documentation process. Through primary and secondary market research, founders will delve into customer discovery, craft their unique value propositions, and create an early prototype. At the end of the boot camp, some founders will be selected to join LiftOff’s Cohort 10 for personalized coaching and mentorship.


How many participants from the boot camp will be selected for Cohort 10?

 8 - 10 business


How are participants selected for cohort 10?

All participants will be evaluated on these three bases.

  •  Attendance and participation in boot camp meetings

  • Completeness of Boot Camp Roadmap on Trello

  • A 3-minute pitch delivered during the last week of the boot camp program


​Is there any funding available for the boot camp participants?

Yes! Top founders at the end of the boot camp will have the opportunity to pitch to win grant funding to grow their businesses. Founders who are selected for Cohort 10 and go on to complete the program will have additional opportunities to pitch for funding. Not all participants accepted into the boot camp or Cohort 10 will receive funding, only those who successfully complete their program and are selected by a panel of judges. Prize amounts will vary.​

What is the time commitment required for the boot camp program?

Meetings and touchpoints within the boot camp take about 4 hours per week. We recommend that founders be prepared to spend at least 20 hours per week working on their businesses, including all boot camp activities.

How will the program be conducted? What is the method of delivery?

The program is hybrid. Founders can participate online or in person at the SDG Idea Factory in Kitchener, Ontario.


What support will I receive during the boot camp program?

  • Access to coaching: A weekly drop-in coach during office hours, LiftOff Coaches are experienced Black entrepreneurs who help you achieve your goals.

  • Customized roadmap: Your individual roadmap will guide you through important milestones, clarifying what you should work on at each stage.

  • Black Entrepreneurship Perspectives sessions: Share your wins and challenges as a Black person in business and learn from others; build resilience as you develop your venture.

  • Office space: Access inspiring, collaborative spaces in the community to work from as you build your business.

  • Networking: Meet other intelligent, ambitious Black entrepreneurs like you, mentors, and become part of a community of support and learning.

  • Access to funding: Pitch for prize money at the end of the boot camp to LiftOff Coaches who understand the problem you are solving, the market you serve, and the challenges you face as a Black entrepreneur.


What happens if I am not selected for Cohort 10?

The founders will still belong to the LiftOff Community, with continued access to their customized roadmap to continue working and building their business. Founders who are not selected are encouraged to apply for future cohorts.


How will I know if my application is successful?

After applying, you will receive an email notification inviting you to a 30-minute interview session. Following a successful interview, we will notify you by email or phone that you have been accepted into the program. Applicants can expect to receive status confirmation by the end of July.

Ready to apply? Apply today!

Applications close on Friday, June 21 ​

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