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Introducing LiftOff STARZ, our exclusive alumni program. This program is designed to ensure our founders maintain a lasting connection within the vibrant Black Entrepreneurial community. Our aim is to foster an ongoing sense of belonging for all participants in this program.

Our goal is to provide continued support in the form of mentorship, coaching, and connecting with peers.

What LiftOff STARZ Receive

  • Automatic access to all LiftOff Enrichment Sessions.

  • Opportunities to schedule mentoring sessions with mentors

  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with a  coach to receive advisory support for your business venture.

  • Opportunities to showcase your product/service at a LiftOff Event.

  • A 25% discount for a LiftOff Paid Event

Subscription Plans

Choose your pricing plan

  • Annual Membership

    Every year
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
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