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Oluwaseun Enitan

Indulge International Ltd.

Oluwaseun Enitan 

Indulge International Ltd
Indulge offer a unique experience that combines event planning, decoration, rental, and workshops to create unforgettable moments. Indulge is also passionate about building and promoting Africans in diaspora, and as part of our mission, we organize events that celebrate African culture and heritage.
In addition to there event planning and decoration services, Indulge offer a wide range of rental options to make every event even more special. From furniture, to tableware, lighting, or floral arrangements.
At Indulge they believe that promoting African culture and heritage is key to building and empowering Africans in diaspora.

About Oluwaseun Enitan
Meet Enitan Oluwaseun Ogundoro, a dynamic entrepreneur based in Canada, originally born and raised in Nigeria. Enitan has been an event planner for over a decade and has successfully run a party rental business for eight years. Enitan's passion for events and rentals has been recognized with several accolades, including the prestigious SHE Award as the top event entrepreneur in Dubai, and the International Quality Award for outstanding leadership in the events industry. Enitan is a visionary leader with a talent for identifying emerging trends and leveraging technology to solve complex problems. Her strategic thinking, creative problem-solving skills, and ability to build high-performing teams have been critical to her success.
Enitan is also an avid community builder, actively supporting young startups. She is blessed with two exceptional children and enjoys spending time with them when she is not growing her businesses.
Enitan earned a BSc in Mass Communications from Bowen University and an Executive MBA from Metropolitan School of Business. Her educational background, combined with her experience and leadership skills, have propelled her to the forefront of the events industry.

Fun Fact
Enitan has a secret talent for cooking delicious meals and hosting people

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