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Elias Roro

Afro Brave

Afro Brave:
Afro brave is an educational technology company.

About Elias:
Elias Roro, a compassionate individual hailing from Ethiopia, embarked on a journey to Canada in 2014. Rooted in the values of family and love, he takes immense pride in being a devoted father to his four children and a supportive husband. Elias's pursuit of knowledge led him to successfully complete the Computer Programming Analyst program at Conestoga College, showcasing his unwavering dedication. Motivated by the struggles African students face when seeking educational opportunities abroad, Elias envisioned a transformative solution. With a heart set on empowering aspiring scholars, his innovative idea aims to dismantle exploitative practices, ensuring fair access to education. Through his vision, Elias aims to revolutionize the study abroad experience, one rooted in fairness and inclusivity.

Fun Fact:
Elias Loves Gospel Music and Tae Kwon Do. He is also a Gospel singer and songwriter!

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