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Chinazom Uwaoma

Merge2own Inc.

Merge2own Inc:
Merge2own, a University of Waterloo based start-up, is a service platform that connects individuals with similar interests to co-own property. It is supported by an ecosystem of partners and professional services providers. The platform creates a community that brings individuals together to enable them to spread their risk and co-own property.

About Chinazom:
Chinazom Uwaoma has a background in Engineering and Information Technology where he has more than 15 years experience in various positions both in the banking and telecommunications industries. He is keen on Entrepreneurship and Human Capacity Development, currently a University of Waterloo MBET student and an entrepreneur in the Canadian real estate sector. He co-founded merge2own; a social venture that helps to lower the barrier to home ownership for first time home buyers.

Fun Fact:
Chinazom has lived in four countries in four different continents.

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