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Adaeze Onijiaku

Niellas Creation

Adaeze Onijiaku

Niellas Creation:
Niellas Creation we provide a solution to the everyday woman's need for beautiful, versatile fashion. Our brand creates simple and stylish pieces, including hair and fashion accessories, and ready-to-wear dresses made from vibrant African Print (Ankara). Our pieces are not just designed but each piece tells a story, allowing women to make a bold statement and showcase their unique styles.

About Adaeze Onijiaku:
Adaeze Obijiaku is the creative brain behind Niellas Creation. Adaeze Onijiaku is deeply passionate about African prints and their cultural significance, with a deep understanding of the need for cultural expression and unique style, Adaeze offers a solution that empowers individuals to embrace their heritage through fashion, as my brand celebrates the vibrant beauty of African prints.

Fun Fact:
Adaeze loves to travel and learn new things

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