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Valita Burrell

Full Circle Wellness N Psychotherapy

Full Circle Wellness N Psychotherapy Full Circle Wellness N Psychotherapy is intentional about providing culturally appropriate mental emotional support and services that enrich the lives of the African, Caribbean and Diaspora (ACD) communities in the Greater Toronto Area virtually as well as in person.

About Valita

Valita thoroughly enjoys learning. Monday to Friday she spends her working hours providing mental/emotional, academic/financial, and social support students in a post secondary institution. Valita is on a mission to educate, remind and support young people of African/Caribbean Canadian decent about the importance of mental emotional health, self efficacy, self esteem, and self awareness among others. And how to identify and effectively cope with stress and anxiety in their personal and academic/professional life from a diverse perspective. In addition, Valita hopes to help students realize their academic and financial potential and how to work and live smart while achieving success from a Black educator's perspective.

Fun Fact!

Valita went back to school as an adult and completed 2 degrees in less than 5 years and currently working on a third.

Valita Burrell
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