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Mutugi Kaai


The Scndry Store

The Scndry store is a bipoc-owned small business that offers curated vintage clothing that is both sustainably sourced and affordably priced. We believe as a collective in the importance of accessible fashion but also the reduction of waste in the modern fashion industry. From 100% recycled totes and apparel to water-based inks, we aim to create with care in order to preserve the future.

About Mutugi

Mutugi Kaai is a first generational Kenyan that immigrated to Canada in 2007. Mutugi was brought to Canada by his parents who attended the university of Waterloo to pursue their PhDs.

At a young age, Mutugi was taught the importance of education and living according to your means. He attended Waterloo Collegiate and then entered Laurier for their Computer Science Program. During Mutugi's first year of university he started to fall in love of the idea of a self sustaining lifestyle and owning a buisness was an avenue to pursue this passion. Mutugi is extremely excited to be joining the LiftOff Program and growing the Scndry Store.

Fun Fact!

Mutugi is a better than normal shower singer.

Mutugi Kaai
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