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Darrio Andrews

Sanny Ground Transports

Sanny Ground Transport

Sanny Ground Transport is a regional and local transportation and solutions service provider that is based in the KW region.

We’re an incorporated organization that has a proven record of success. We’re community and service first team that has made a significant commitment to our community through our volunteer efforts and diversified strategies of service.

Sanny Ground Transports has operated in the capacity of 3PL Partnership for a period nearing 3 years and are currently in the process of expanding while exploring sustain growth opportunities.

About Darrio

Darrio Andrews is Owner and Operator of Sanny Ground Transports. He takes the identity as a Bahamian Afro/Canadian male who reside and service the KW region and community.

Darrio's origins stems from the beautiful Islands of The Bahamas. Since immersing himself in such a rich and diverse society that Ontario, Canada provides, Darrio has made the conscious decision to call this region his home. Also, to make himself available as an Instrument or influence, change and service.

Darrio has came to know, understand and appreciate the core values of hard work, inclusivity, commitment and the significance of community. Research backs the statement that our youth thrives in an environment where they are seen and heard.

Through his entrepreneurial efforts Darrio intends to have a sustainable organization that is also immersed in a bright and diverse culture of young persons who will benefit from viewing themselves and having a voice that will amplify their passions for ownership for generations to come.

Fun Fact!

Darrio loves all things conch. Conch fritters, conch salad, conch and rice, conch stew, raw conch. The thoughts of conch.

Darrio Andrews
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