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Zabrina Dacres

Rebirth Healer

Rebirth Healer

Rebirth Healer is a one stop shop for everything wellness for the melanated woman. Rebirth Healer offers natural hair and skin care products, spiritual products, herbs and powders along with services such as EFT Tapping and Reiki.

Rebirth Healer was conceptualized in 2021 and launched in 2022. The company is centered around wellness and redefining the perception of health outside of a western perspective.The mission for Rebirth Healer is:

1) To educate on the colonization of racialized peoples hair

2) Provide healthy alternatives to and with western medicine

3) To encourage more consciousness about eating habits

About Zabrina

Zabrina is a graduate of York University and Humber College. Zabrina has a legal background but pivoted to the wellness industry during the pandemic. Zabrina's lived experienced of hair discrimination inspires her to raise awareness about how hair discrimination has lead to harmful practices that may negatively affect the health and wellness of Black women.

Fun Fact!

Zabrina loves travelling and photography.

Zabrina Dacres
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