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La Vance Dotson


Woo YourBoo

WooYourBoo is a relationship management platform that rewards couples for working on their relationship. They are rewarded Woo Points for going on dates and improving their relationship skills; which are the two most important things relationship experts say couples need to thrive. They can redeem these points for real life rewards and discounts.

About La Vance

La Vance is a husband of 13+ years and father of 3. A creator and entrepreneur at heart. He has a passion to see families and relationships thrive. This led him to found WooYourBoo. A relationship management platform that rewards couples for going on date nights and improving their relationship skills. He has 10+ years of SaaS sales experience and a strong track record of delighting customers. He also holds a leadership position in a charitable organization that focuses on helping men and women become their best selves in relationships and career. During his downtime, which seems less and less nowadays, he plays basketball. You may also catch him reading a book on leadership from one of his favourite authors, John Maxwell. He holds his relationship with God and his wife as cornerstones in his life. He believes true happiness is derived from the quality of relationship with yourself and others.

Fun Fact!

La Vance moonlights as a barber (without pay) from time to time 😂

La Vance Dotson
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