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Eno Grieve

Naija Ogi 'n' Akara

Naija Ogi ‘n’ Akara

Naija Ogi ‘n’ Akara sells Nigerian snacks and breakfast food, primarily to the West African community.

About Eno

Eno Grieve was born in Nigeria and relocated to Canada in 2018. She is married and has three children. Eno has a BSC in Business Administration and is a professionally trained flight attendant with a Nigerian (CAA) license rating on Boeing 737, 747 classics and Embraer 120. She has certifications in Cake Baking from George Brown and Worship Theology from Canada Christian College. Currently, Eno is a student at Ontario Tech University where she studies Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. Eno is very creative, resourceful, determined, hard working and committed to efficiency.

Fun Fact!

Eno only gets new clothes when she wants to travel.

Eno Grieve
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