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Corina Makore

Commitment To Caring Health Services

Commitment to Caring Health Services

Commitment to Caring Health Services (CTC), is a staffing agency that provides staffing solutions with a difference" to all healthcare settings. CTC currently serves Windsor-Essex County and is looking at expanding its boarders to serve Ontario. Ontario is facing a nursing shortage and struggling to cope with the surge in patients with COVID-19. It is my belief that CTC has the ultimate solution to Ontario's nursing shortage problem and is committed to recruit, train and retain nurses, matching opportunities with skills, qualifications and experience. CTC provides staff with flexible schedules to maintain a work-life balance and a rewarding compensation.

About Corina

Corina Makore is a Registered Nurse with 30 years of nursing experience in different healthcare settings. She holds master’s degrees in Nursing Administration and Public Health. She is passionate about caring for the sick and helping employees advance their careers by strategically planning to balance life and work. As a mother, Corina knows the importance of a flexible schedule. It is her belief that CTC will provide a solution to Ontario's nursing shortage problem. Corina is currently working as a Healthcare Manager while pursuing opportunities to grow CTC. She enjoys listening to gospel music and watching football.

Fun Fact!

Corina likes travelling and has been to 8 different countries.

Corina Makore
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