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Shanelle Kidd

Shanny Vending

Shanny Vending Services

Shanny Vending provides vending machines whether for renting or purchase. What makes them unique is that they can include TSA-approved 70+ travel beauty mini products from 40+ brands (4oz or less by the standard) as well as healthy snacks and cold beverages, offering an unforgettable purple and green vending machine shopping experience.

Living in this wonderful city, Shanelle has noticed that seasonally, there is a gap connecting customers with on-the-go beauty products and she would love to bridge that by having Shanny Vending at your wonderful location.

About Shanelle

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario, downtown area, to a strict Jamaican mother, life did not come easy. At such a young age, Shanelle worked harder with strong discipline. She grew up and graduated high school, college, and became a mother of 1. Shanelle has always been a leader and a boss and she realized that she needs to use her passion to help others and create a passive income to secure and ensure her daughters future. Shanelle's 9 year old is my inspiration and motivation along with my love for beauty.

Fun Fact!

Shanelle has been in a movie before :)

Shanelle Kidd
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