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Peter Pearse-Elosia



Digimillennials is a media platform that aims to best celebrate, elevate, and amplify black culture from Africa and around the world.

We are a culture-driven platform birthed in Lagos, Nigeria: the home to the biggest music and culture stars on the continent, and made up of a team of people who have an intense passion for black culture and entertainment.

Together with music executives, record labels, and talent management outfits, we offer effective music (and related materials) promotion, branding, and press solutions for black talents using our platforms.

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About Peter

Peter is a marketing & digital executive who is an avid user of new media. During his time at ViacomCBS Networks Africa, he built and contributed to the growth of brands such as BET, MTV base, Nickelodeon, and the Comedy central brands in the African market.

He played a major role in the successful campaign initiatives of projects such as the MTV Africa Music Awards, BET Launch in Africa, Comedy Central’s Grab the Mic, Nickelodeon Festival, MTV Shuga in Nigeria, Lip Sync Battle Africa Challenge, MTV base VJ Search, and many more.

More recently, he has worked with brands such as Empawa Africa and Platoon where he has led digital media initiatives as well as delivered high-end marketing and communications collaterals.

He has a passion project called Digimillennials which he is building to be the definitive platform that celebrates, elevates, and amplifies black culture from Africa and around the world.

Fun Fact!

Whenever Peter makes food from his home country, he tastes it and scream because of how delicious it tastes.

Peter Pearse-Elosia
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