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Olivia London

London Healthcare Consulting Firm

London Healthcare Consulting Firm

London Healthcare Consulting Firm specializes in IPAC Consulting and program development. This consultant firm offers infection control expertise to various sectors such as Long Term Care facilities, Congregate living settings (Group home settings and Retirement homes), Medical + Dental offices, and Group Travel support.

The importance of infection control came to the forefront because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now placed added frustration and financial burdens on many industries. There is also added strain regarding the accessibility of certified Infection Control Practitioners.

London Healthcare Consulting Firm is aware of the limited accessibility and is developing affordable consulting packages which include virtual support for companies that cannot afford a full-time consultant or is currently in a remote location.


1. Virtual Support and online classes/forum

2. Onsite IPAC initiation services

3. Development of IPAC policies for organizations based on Ministry of Health recommendations and best practice

4. Develop creative solutions to problems and to find alternative strategies to support quality improvement initiatives.

5. Explore the most holistic approach that is customization to hesitancy and voiced concerns.

About Olivia

Olivia is a Registered Nurse that holds a Masters of Public Health, where she focused on chronic disease management and infection control. Olivia's career trajectory has taken me to various area in the healthcare sector from acute setting and community health.

Olivia's recent career path allowed her to contribute to support of local agencies in the management of infectious disease during the pandemic.

Fun Fact!

Top Three Fun Facts about Olivia:

1. Love, love, love chocolate.

2. Olivia loves animals and considered veterinary medicine in high school

3. Olivia enjoyed travelling and tried to explore a new country for each birthday. Olivia's top destinations:

- Tobago

- Belize

- Italy

- Spain

- Hawaii

Olivia London
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