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Busoye Fajemirokun

Health Linkz Concierge

Health Linkz Concierge

Health Linkz Concierge is a niche concierge nursing service and assisted home hemodialysis caregiver service.

Health Linkz Concierge will cater to the ever increasing clients looking to choose home hemodialysis as their mode of treatment for kidney disease, but are not prepared to leave their treatment entirely in their loved ones or themselves hands.

Health Linkz Concierge will bridge that gap by networking and contracting concierge nurses and caregivers to manage their care plan and also assist with their home hemodialysis, respectively. Health Linkz Concierge will also venture into home IV hydration/treatment services, hyperbaric treatment and other new innovation in healthcare.

Health Linkz Concierge is co-founded by both Busoye Fajemirokun and Aziza Farah. Learn about Aziza here!

About Busoye

Busoye Fajemirokun is a registered nurse originally from Nigeria presently working with Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in the department of hemodialysis. They are also an avid gardener and hobby beekeeper with Black Creek Community Farm and Foodshare. Busoye has worked in different areas of nursing including mental health, level one ICU, medicine and presently hemodialysis. They envision to one day be a successful entrepreneur.

Fun Fact!

Busoye belongs to a beekeepers association in Toronto.

Busoye Fajemirokun
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