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Aramide Taiwo

Tileyi Marketing Inc.

Tileyi Marketing

"Rent a cook" is a personal chef service planned to revolutionize the food retail industry. This first of its kind app-based platform would make chefs of everyday home cooks and give everyone access to a private chef at their fingertips.

As a connection platform for cooks and customers comparable to Airbnb or "Uber",“Rent a cook” gives customer access to a diverse range of culinary experience in the comfort of their home.

Its user profile include:

  1. Health food enthusiasts needing meal planning

  2. Busy individuals needing meal prep

  3. Families needing batch cooking and more

  4. “Rent a chef” makes home cooking fun again.

About Aramide

Aramide Taiwo was born and raised in Nigeria. She is a sister, wife and mother.

Aramide's entrepreneurial journey started as an undergrad where she ran various business ventures through which her college education was funded.

Aramide has a background in media and marketing with a career managing multinational brands in West Africa from CPG to Tech. On moving to Canada, she decided to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

Growing up humbly had Aramide seeing opportunities in every corner especially in seemingly little things. She is passionate about harnessing the wealth in these 'little things' and making it generational through business.

Fun Fact!

Aramide recently fell in-love with gardening and its now my happy place. As a new plant mum, when she's not tinkering with business ideas, you'll find her getting her hands dirty indoor or outdoor.

Aramide Taiwo
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