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Ann - Marie Odiase

EaziHouse Solutions

Ann - Marie Odiase

EaziHouse Solutions:
EaziHouse Solutions, located in Kitchener, Ontario, specializes in providing solutions that enable clients to safely remain in their homes. We offer technologies that allow remote and discreet monitoring of family members and pets, ensuring their safety and security.

About Ann - Marie Odiase:
As the founder of EaziHouse Solutions, Ann was inspired by a deeply personal experience. Witnessing the challenges faced by her mother, she realized the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of our loved ones, even when we can't be physically present. This realization led her to leverage her extensive 16-year background in IT to create a company dedicated to providing reliable and cost-effective home safety solutions. At EaziHouse, they use proven products and strategies to make homes comfortable and secure, reflecting my commitment to offer the same peace of mind and safety for other families as Ann sought for her own.

Fun Fact:
Ann believes one can learn at any age, and she intends to learn as many languages as she can. Currently learning French, Portuguese next on her list.

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