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Tony Colley



B12Give is an on-demand B2B food delivery app for Retailers with surplus edible food. Powered by technology and logistics we redistribute surplus food with a shelf life of less than 48 hours to food insecure communities across Canada. Our circular food economy helps food business operators eliminate surplus food from their daily operations at the end of the day.

We operate like UberEats executing multiple 2- hour redistribution cycles guaranteeing all food collected is redistributed to an end user within 2-hours of receipt. We do this at a cost to Retailers of $1 per lb including packaging or $.50 per lb without; deliverables include login access, same day pickups and daily impact tracking. Orders are optimized in-app based on location and closing time to ensure we’re able to deliver on our promise of adhering to provincial food safety guidelines.

About Tony

Introvert - Disruptor - Social Entrepreneur!

Tony Colley is a sustainability and social justice advocate who developed Be One to Give (B12Give); a food delivery app that simultaneously combats food waste and food insecurity. Outside of work I'm a situational extrovert with moderate OCD that loves to watch true crime documentaries and suspense thrillers.

Tony became involved in social causes during his banking career when he began fundraising for local charities. Tony's evolution to social entrepreneurship was seamless and organic as it started through his own volunteerism after a devastating financial loss. He found his purpose and is grateful to have been blessed with the hardships that allowed him to realize my passion for giving back.

Fun Fact!

Tony was a feature dancer on Electric Circus (Canada's only live dance show) from 1995 - 1998.

Tony Colley
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