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Ebenezer Oyajumo

Bloom Fintech


BloomFintech is building a financial stack for immigrants to enable real time information reporting and verification from the rest of the world to the developed world. Financial and personal information (credit, financial history, rental and employment history) will be portable and verifiable for new immigrants to North America/Europe and vice versa.

About Ebenezer

Ebenezer is a serial entrepreneur and currently CFO at a Fintech startup (Kobopay) where he leads on strategy, finance & product development (developed financial inclusion products with over $3M in volume), business development & fundraising. Ebenezer has prior experience in startup advisory, investment banking and legal practice.

Fun Fact!

Ebenezer is a nearly eidetic memory for faces but often can remember names. Even when repeated several times in the same meeting.

Ebenezer Oyajumo
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