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Rodney Webba

Rêve Noïr Lifestyle Brand Inc


RÊVE NOÏR is a clothing brand based out of Toronto-Canada. The brand was established in 2014 and officially unveiled to the world in August 2020. With a strong street culture influence we aim to provide you with great quality items with unique designs that are simple in nature but will stand the test of time.

About Rodney

Rodney Webba is the owner of RÊVE NOÏR Lifestyle Brand Inc. He was born in Angola and have been a resident of Canada since the year 2000. Rodney has always had a passion for clothing and just fashion in general and has always wanted to try having his own brand but just never pulled the trigger because of fear of failure. In 2020 after a few key events in Rodney’s life he decided to go for it and just try to make his dream a reality.

Fun Fact!

At one point in Rodney’s, life he had well over 100 pairs of sneakers.

Rodney Webba
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