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Amanda Luthra



In 2020 Chillypaste was created to provide consumers with flexibility to create their own south asian meals with fresh ingredients. Clients can make authentic and flavourful meals in about 30 mins. There are no preservatives, and use high quality ingredients.

About Amanda

Amanda was born in Montreal and raised in Toronto with parents from Guyana. Her love for eating flavourful food came at an early age. Amanda remembers her mother and grandmothers cooking up delicious dishes with a few simple and fresh ingredients. As she got older, she bought dozens of cookbooks with stories to learn about how different cultures cooked dishes. Amanda also had the food channel playing non-stop in her house. When Amanda met her husband 10 years ago, she threw myself into spices and learned how to layer the flavours of regional North Indian cooking. Trips to India and cooking with her in-laws opened new doors. Amanda learned how to roast and blend spice mixtures and maximizing their flavour in a dish.

Fun Fact!

Amanda is (partially) ghost writing several chapters of a book for job seekers.

Amanda Luthra
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