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Rufus John

Rufus John Music Inc.

Rufus John Music Inc

Rufus John is a mutifacited brand that encompasses, music and community work/ventures. His brand features the artist "Rufus John", his band "Momma's Kitchen", the song writing program "Music Is My Weapon" and his art/education/activsim initiative "The Freedom Marching Project".

About Rufus

Rufus John is a Caribbean-Canadian singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, certified Child & Youth Worker, award-winning youth mentor and the founder of Music Is My Weapon and The Freedom Marching Project. The life and talent of Rufus John personally and professionally is an upward movement affecting those that he has encountered.

Whether on stage performing for the masses or giving back through his community ventures, his overall vision is to connect with communities and individuals that come from the kinds of environments he was raised in. In hopes that they are able to understand their story through his honest truths and inspire them by being a beacon of light when they feel trapped in the dark.

Fun Fact!

Rufus loves Jelly Beans!

Rufus John
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