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Karen Johnson

Glass to Grass

Glass to Grass

Canada’s glass bottle industry generates income of USD$3.4B and is projected to continue to grow. Glass is super! but detrimental to the environment, it is inert and can remain on landfills for years, it will not decompose! Only 63% of glass used is recovered and on average only 28% is recycled.

The blue box regulation will transfer responsibility from Municipalities to producers in July 2023, shifting cost burden to producers. Producers will then be forced to adopt strategies to recycle and reuse.

The solution is that glass is 100% recyclable endlessly! without quality impacts. Project Glass to Grass is proposing recycling glass from landfills and homes to cullet for use in the manufacturing process of other products.

About Karen

Karen is a result oriented, hands on designated, finance professional with over twenty years of broad-based experience in business and financial management garnered from roles across several industries such as Banking and Finance, Telecommunication and, Media, Insurance and Manufacturing.

They are passionate about building others as they pay forward the investment others have made in their life personally and professionally over the years.

Karen holds a Master of Arts, in Finance and Banking, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and is a Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA-CGA and FCCA, a certified Management Account (CMA) and a project manager (PMP).

Fun Fact!

Karen loves to bake, it allows them to harness their creative side.

Karen Johnson
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