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Annieca Edwards

Angela's Skincare

Angela’s Skincare

Angela’s Skincare was born out of a need for gentle, natural/organic skincare products especially for individuals exposed to harsh environmental elements.

A black woman owned business that strives to be transparent, ethical, customer focused and accountable while delivering quality products. Although a very competitive market, Angela’s Skincare aims to combine science and nature to be a game changing innovator for the skincare industry.

The company also aims to build a diverse and inclusive work environment where team members will have a sense of belonging and the ability to empower themselves while still enjoying a good work-life balance.

About Annieca

Annieca Edwards is the Founder of Angela’s Skincare. Their professional background is in Research and Development and they're also a certified Organic Skincare Formulator. These experiences have honed their expertise and skills in product development, shelf life studies and safety testing.

Having been born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Annieca's favourite place to be is near a body of water. It is calming, peaceful, relaxing and an ideal place to set goals and think up ideas.

Annieca's friends would describe them as persistent, fearless and open-minded. Integrity and honesty are also very important to Annieca.

Fun Fact!

Annieca loves nature, and thinks it is enchanting and always giving lessons! BUT they have a huge fear of reptiles and bugs. In first year of university Annieca did an Ecology course to help them get pass that fear but it's safe to say, that goal wasn't met.

Annieca Edwards
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