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Jamila Kyari inspires women to live a vibrant life through the beauty of African/Black design. The vision is to be the leading digital destination that connects women to top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Bridging the gap between these two aforementioned demographics, the platform helps brands resonate with their audiences online and increase visibility through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and communications consulting. is also a member of the SHE media network and thus participates in contextual, banner, and interactive ads as part of its revenue-generating activities. By providing content to set its readers apart as icons of socio-cultural style, the platform will provide a truly authentic Black experience.

About Jamila

Jamila Kyari is the founder of — an eponymous digital destination offering the latest in African fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Kyari has studied readers' tastes and preferences regarding African style and Black design in clothing, apparel, and lifestyle, while drawing upon her own experiences as a Nigerian Canadian.

She has 10+ years of experience in communications and marketing, having graduated from Durham College and York University in Toronto with a diploma in public relations and a degree in communication studies, respectively. Her expertise in writing and publishing internet content will significantly position the digital media platform for success in North America.

Fun Fact!

Jamila's favourite food is plantain.

Jamila Kyari
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